Egg-citing News!


16th February 2022

Over the last 2 weeks of this half term, the Adventurers have been fortunate enough to help with the hatching of some baby chicks.  When the incubator first arrived, Mr and Mrs Perry kindly talked us through our roles and responsibilities as eggs-pert egg handlers.  It was our job to turn the eggs 3 times a day - a job we took very seriously.
Then, over the weekend, something AMAZING happened!  The eggs hatched and when we came into school on Monday we found 4 baby chicks.  Although we really wanted to take them out of and cuddle them straight away, we had to be patient and give them some more time in the incubator.
Tuesday was moving day and the chicks were carefully moved into their new home.  We taught them how to feed and drink and also showed them where they could go to get warm.  After they had some time to get used to their surroundings, Mr Perry showed us how to carefully handle the chicks and we took turns at gently holding and stroking them,