Goodbye Ms Stewart


25th May 2016

The children in Year One have been writing about Miss Stewart who is retiring at the end of this school year.  She will be a huge miss to our school but we wish her the very best in her new adventures.
"Heartbreaking news, the coolest and one of the sweetest dance teachers ever has left us.  She had to retire.  Miss Stewart has danced and been super-strawberry crazy for 21 years with lots of different children.
Dancing was interesting and fun and we danced lots of different themes like monsters, Brazil, houses and we danced Carnival to say goodbye.
We are feeling really sad to see Miss Stewart leave but she will visit us agian to see how we are doing in our dancing.  We wish her good luck on her new adventure."
"Miss Stewart left and said goodbye.  I loved dancing with you, it was super.  I will miss you a lot.  You were the best dance teacher ever.  miss Stewart has been dancing for 21 years and I am really sad that I will never dance with her again.  I hope Miss Stewart loves her new life."
"Goodbye Miss Stewart.  You are about to start a new adventure.  She was the best dance teacher.  It was exciting and funny."
"The most awesome dance teacher left and retired today!  We are sad that she is leaving."
"Miss Stewart's retirement was sad because she has been dancing with schools for twenty one years.  Miss Stewart was a lovely person.  We will all remember her.  She will always remember all of us too.  We have done topic like monsters, Julia Donaldson, Carnival and much more.  It was brilliant dancing with Miss Stewart.  We wish her good luck on her adventures."
"It was amazing, awesome and great dancing with Miss Stewart.  She had been with the school for 21 years.  She LOVES strawberries.  When we left Miss Stewart, we were doing Brazil dancing.  I learnt a lot of Brazil facts with Miss Stewart.  Miss Stewart was the best dance teacher in the whole entire world.  I love Miss Stewart but she has retired.  She has a new life and adventure now."