Harvest 2017 - Prayer Spaces


17th October 2017

What a fantastic day!  Today, we were visited by members of St Michael's and All Angels Church, who, led by Mrs White and Jess, took over the school hall.  They filled it with 6 amazing prayer spaces that promoted thinking and discussion about what we are truly thankful for.
The creative and inclusive design of the activities allowed all children to participate and, by the end of each session, all children were able to discuss what they had created, asked or thought about in relation to being thankful.
To conclude the day, Rev James led a Collective Worship where he discussed prayer and left us with a few questions to wonder.  Mrs Murray then led us in our harvest songs and the children sang beautifully, sounding like children who were truly thankful for the gifts of life.
We would like to say thank you to all who attended and viewed the children's creations.  We are sure you'll agree that what they produced was spectacular.
Finally, as a school, we are truly thankful to the team of volunteers who made this a remarkable experience for the children.  The culture of thought and discussion created today will have a lasting impact on us all.