Keyhole Garden

20th May 2016

What a beautiful day for garden building!  Alan from Send a Cow came back to visit us and helped us to build our very own Keyhole Garden.  Alan has travelled across Africa building gardens just like ours.  The gardens give communities the chance to grow vegetables to feed their families and encourages people to compost.
It took a whole day of the children's hard work to build the garden - we even enlisted the help of Mrs Johnston to help us along.  Below, you can read about how this garden was made.
"To start it, I got a rake and I started to smooth the soil to a flat surface"
"I tied string to the basket to support it.  Food skin and scraps go in the basket to make compost.  Compost helps the plants grow"
"I found a funny looking, red bug in the soil. I think it was an egg.  The worms help the plants to grow"
"We dug up the grass then I put hay and soil in the keyhole garden"
"We did it to help the school.  Vegetables are nutritious and help us grow"
Building the garden was just the first step - now we need your help!  The children have been tasked with bringing in compostable materials to add to our compost bin.  When you bring them in, there's no need to give them over to a member of staff, just pop them in the garden!
Use the picture as guide of what to bring in: