Putting the 'Unity' in Community

4th May 2018

Today, we focused on the key skills of creating, investigating, exploring and construction.

Our Sensory Garden and Stage were set up using creation stations, where we made nature brushes to use with mud paint tinted with powder paint; we added our own designs to our story stones and used clay to make wildlife models.

Our pond area was the focus of our learning through investigation. Here we safely and with consideration to our pond life friends, dipped for specimens to observe and classify using science equipment.

We had a tree trail where the children could demonstrate trust and self-risk assessment as they explored the grounds looking for different types of trees to record, describe and label.

We also worked in partnership with our friends to lash crosses to go around the unity circle in a clock face formation to display our values we use in our Forest Based Learning.

Our main focus of the day was a collaboration project where all the children of the school would have time to reflect upon our Christian Values as they wove willow and dogwood branches, harvested from our own site. These would form a community unity circle nestled within the Birch Wood.

This area will be for quiet reflection, a place for friendship, a place to share our achievements, a place to grow.