Reflections on Segedunum

5th April 2017

Following our exciting trip to Segedunum, the children in Adventurers were asked to produce some writing based on their experience.  The children were able to select their own genre of writing and have produced some excellent work.
A Poem about Roman Forts
The darkness of the Romans still lies in big, big forts,
With their artefacts buried beneath our feet.
You might just be lucky and find one.
Their forts have been there much longer than us.
Who knows what secrets they still have below?
A recount
On Tuesday 4th April, my class and I went to Segedunum.
First we went up to the top of the tower and looked out at the Roman site.
Then we watched the video while sitting on the boat.
Dressing up as Romans was fun.
Writing a narrative
Boudicca and her Three Musketeers
Once, long, long ago there was a girl called Boudicca.  She had long, flowing red hair and a beautiful dress,  One day Boudicca and her three friends heard marching.
"Help!!!" screamed her friend, shivering.
"We're going to get killed," shouted the others.
"Don't be so scared, troop.  Remember, we're the Celts.  We don't give up," Boudicca said proudly.
"Yeah, this is what we've been training for," the others said, coming out from their hiding spots.
The marching was getting louder and louder as the Romans got closer and closer.
How to make a Celt bracelet
You will need:
  • Three long pieces of diffrerent coloured thread.
  • Scissors
  • An adult/friend to help
  • A table
  • First, tie a knot to hold the three pieces of thread.
  • Then, get your friend to hold the knot while you twist the thread together.
  • After that, put your finger in the middle and hold the two ends together.
  • Then twist them together and lay them down on the table.
  • Next, tie a know in the loose end of it.
  • Finally, wrap it around your wrist and push the knot through the loop.
A letter of thanks
Dear Alina,
I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful day at Segedunum.  My favourite part of the day was having a pretend fight.  In the afternoon, I enjoyed being in the roundhouse, with the fire and bracelets.  This day was the most brilliant day for me and I really enjoyed it.
I would like to find out about what the Romans did in their spare time.  Do you know?
Once again, thank you for the lovely day at Segedunum.