Remembrance Day

11th November 2016

Following a beautifully observed two minute silence, the children in Adventurers read the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae.  The poem made us think about those who lost their lives in war and their loved ones.  For homework, children were asked to compose their thoughts on Remembrance Day.
I am
I am sad about the people who died in the war.
I am grateful for the people who are helping to look after the country.
I am glad that the emergency services exist.
I am joyful that the war is over.
I Remember
Danger is not what we like
But sometimes we have to face it.
I remember soldiers because
They fought in the war for peace.
The Silence We Keep
The poppies blow in the open field
Where the soldiers lie asleep
Everything is very quiet
It's a silence we should keep.
Our Sacrifice
Now, we lay in Flanders field.
It's sad to see us go.
We sacrificed our lives for you.
We loved you and you loved us.
We rise up to heaven but still we remember you.
We had the best life ever with you.
The Eleventh
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month,
Is when I remember the war and the people who died,
I give a donation and buy a poppy for the old soldiers,
I think of poppies and crosses in the fields.