4th April 2017

Today the children in Adventurers headed to Segedunum on a quest to 'find out about finding out about the past'.  On our arrival, we headed into the panoramic viewing tower where we were able to view the site in its entirety.  Here, we thought of Roman's reasons for selecting this site and queried what would have been in each building, given that we could only see the foundations.
Downstairs, in the Main Gallery, we were met by our guide, Alina.  Alina took us through the model of site and explained what we would find in each building.  Afterwards, we were given sacks of artefacts with which we could act out the different duties and jobs that would have existed in Segedunum.
Next, we headed outside to the remains of the fort and got a real sense of the size.  We then crossed the road to a replica build of Hadrian's Wall, which stood at over 5 meters.  Taking it in turns to be Romans and Brigantes, the Romans defended the wall by bombarding the invaders into retreat.
In the afternoon session, we popped on our cloaks and became members of the Briganta.  We gathered to tell stories around the fire, decorated our arms with wode, learnt how to wattle and finally swore an oath of allegiance to the tribe in the sacred grove.
It was an action packed day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.