Spring Term 2018

Lashing around the Fire
23rd March 2018

This afternoon, we gathered around the fire and began lashing wood together to make tripod-structures. Some of us used our skills to make a tiny zip-wire, others made a large medical station. We also had bug hotels and washing stations. Next week we look to strengthen our structure by lashing additional braces.


23rd February 2018

Today, we started to learn how to lash. Lashing is special type of tying that holds things together strongly. When you lash 2 sticks together, you make an A Frame. When you lash 3 sticks together, you make a tripod. We plan to use our lashing skills to make tables, bridges and helpful structures for around our campfire.

Mud Swamps and Shelters
26th January 2018

All traces of snow have cleared up and, in its place, we have been left with some super, swampy puddles. Today the children investigated the depths of different puddles and planned different ways to traverse them without getting their wellingtons stuck. In other areas of the grounds, children continued to build their weather proof stations.

Testing the Wind
12th January 2018
Today we started our new project of becoming meteorologists. We decided that the first type of weather we wanted to investigate was the wind. To do so, we designed our own kites. We had to do lots of careful measuring, cutting and knot tying. When our kites were finished, we took them outside and tested how windy it was.

Having completed a shared project this week, we have now planned our independent projects, which include building weather stations and waterproof shelters.

Writing Creatively When Inspired By Nature
23rd February 2018

The children then used their creative skills to write poems or descriptive writing, which we will display at our poetry recital on Friday 2nd March.   In doing so, we chose where to be creative and explored using our senses.  We compared natural objects to recognise their differences.  Then, we shared objects to feel and described them using creative language.

Time to Reflect
26th January 2018

Having had a very busy half term, we had a lot discuss in regard to our Forest Based Learning skills. Ms Hunter stoked the fire and put the kettle on so that we could all gather around and reflect on our recent successes with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and some marshmallows. From our youngest to our oldest, we found that we had all grown in our teamwork and collaborative skills. We could identify those who have helped us and what makes a great team member. We have also identified the skills we will look to develop during next half term.

Ah ha! Oh ho!  A track in the snow!
19th January 2018

All of our plans were put on hold this week as we encountered some very wintery weather. The children used this gold opportunity to explore the snowy conditions out in our school grounds. What captured our imagination most was the sight of footprints. We wondered which animal made them and followed the trail back to its source to see whether we could find where this creature had come from. Some suggested it was a sheep or a deer, whilst others believed it to be the track of mythical ice-beast!