Summer 2017

Homes and Habitats
Friday 12th May 2017
Having found a vast array of invertebrates in our bug traps, this week we considered what made our wood such a hospitable place for them.  We identified the different plants and trees that make up this habitat, the conditions for their growth and their appeal to our creepy-crawly friends.
Who lives in a house like this?
Friday 28th April 2017
This afternoon we began our new project on habitats.  We shared thoughts about what a habitat was and set off to find example of different habitats within the school grounds and recorded by creating and labeling our own maps.  We soon found that there are lots and lots of habitats to be explored!  As well as considering what we might find in each habitat, we started to think about the reasons a creature may choose to live there.  We decided on two key areas of investigation:
What is the most common creature in each habitat?
How can we classify the creatures that we find?
Survival Skills
23rd June 2017
Today we learnt some new skills and took the opportunity to refresh some old ones.  We explored ways of strengthening our shelters to provide shelter from the elements, worked on our navigation skills and also rekindled our fire starting skills.  The children worked excellently in their groups, with leadership skills shining through, even from our youngest of children.
Investigating Invertebrates
Friday 5th May 2017
Following last week's discussions about habitats, today we decided to make some simple traps that would allow us to collect and identify different the different species found in the woodland area.  After getting dirty digging holes, we planted our cups. Now, we wait...
Because we are very conscious about the environment, we know that we can't leave plastic in the ground.  We didn't want to forget where are cups are sowe decided to draw maps that will guide us back to them on Monday, at which point we will collate and tabulate our findings.