Wallington Hall Visit


7th October 2019

Today, the children popped on their wellies and waterproofs and set off to Wallington Hall for a day of taking inspiration.  This will serve as the spark for learning in the coming weeks as the children produce artwork in relation to what they have observed.
Explorers have been reading the Gruffalo and so they took off in search of one.  Watching out for terrible tusks and terrible claws, the children searched high and low for signs of the purple-prickled beast.  Whilst doing so, they also collected the autumnal leaves in all their beautiful colours ready for some artwork back at school.
Adventurers started to piece together a mythological story by sketching the house to use as their setting.  As they explored the grounds, they spotted four mysterious dragon heads and began to plot stories about how they came to be there.  On a walk through the woods, they wondered if there were any dragons still at Wallington and, if so, how they were able to hide so well.