World Book Day 2017 - Poetry Recital


3rd March 2017

Today we hosted the third annual World Book Day Poetry Recital.  The children chose their poems and have been rehearsing for weeks and it definitely showed.  Every child in school, from our youngest to the oldest, read their poem aloud in front of a packed house  This even inspired some of the parents to join in too - a huge thank you to those who did!
After tea and cake, and a chatter about the brilliant poetry they had just heard, some family members were able to join us in the classrooms to take part in some poetry work.  The Explorers wrote acrostics, whilst the Adventurers wrote a kenning.  The Pioneers took inspiration from picture book to write some rather inspired lines of poetry.
The staff would like to share their appreciation for all of the skill, and bravery, that the children showed in their delivery.  They should be very proud!