Your School Sports - Rounders Competition


July 2017

12th July 2017

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents in their collective efforts in getting our pupils to the rounders at Hipsburn. The sun was out and the kids were smiling so all in all a successful combination!!

After a fantastic afternoon of competitive rounders, the scores are now in... 
YEAR 4/5 mix

1st: Shilbottle Reds (15 points)
2nd: Hipsburn Redsox (10 points)
3rd: St. Michel's (5 points)
4th: Whittingham Rockets (3 points)

                                YEAR 3/4 mix

1st: Shilbottle Yellows (23 points)
2nd: Hipsburn Dodgers (18 points)
3rd: Hipsburn Cubs (13 points)
4th: Felton Fox's (11 points)
5th: Swarland (8 points)
6th: Whittingham (6 points)

We would like to congratulate all of our pupils  for representing our school so well.
We hope to attend similar events in the next academic year and hope more and more children can get involved.

Furthermore, our new Y5 Sports Crew are going to run their own Rounders morning in the last week of term.