Whatever the Weather - Spring 2018

Welcome back, we hope you had a fantastic festive period and are ready to begin the Spring Term. We are looking forward to beginning our new Mini Adventure, which will be a study of extreme weather across the globe and using technology to focus on meteorological changes closer to home. Presenting forecasts and fact files about weather, our focus will primarily be geographical and scientific before we introduce Judi Barrett’s book ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’.

As part of our English and Science, we have been reading the story 'Bartholomew and the Oobleck' by Dr Seuss.  In the story, the magicians conjure up some new weather by using a magic spell. We wrote some incantations of our own and, before you could say alakazam, we had oobleck.  From our science work, we knew about the states of matter being either a solid, liquid or gas but this oobleck didn't seem to be playing by the rules.  We decided to investigate it further by popping it in the freezer overnight and observing any changes as it warmed to room temperature.
Blowing our own trumpets!!
As part of our music sessions, we have been fascinated by different sounds and how they are made.  We have been desperate to try some wind instruments so Mrs Murray brought us this ingenious invention to try.
The Mustard Seed
We read the parable from Matthew 13: 31-32 where Jesus spoke about a mustard seed.  Although the seed was very small, it grew into a big tree.  We thought about what this meant and got creative in response to it.  This allowed us to represent our understanding in lots of different ways.
New Books
We have received our latest delivery from the Library Service and we are thrilled!  Our box was filled with fascinating books about all types of weather.  We are really enjoying reading them and using them for research purposes.