Adventuring with Captain Cook - Autumn 2017

During this Mini Adventure, we are going to be researching the life and times of a Captain James Cook.  We will look to uncover the reasons that he is still remembered to this day and the lasting impact that his discoveries have had on our lives.
As well as finding about his voyages, we will also give focus to Australia and the animals native to it.  Using our researching skills, we will be looking to channel our inner David Attenborough and will present our own wildlife documentaries.
Geography Posters
The children have been finding out about different parts of our Earth.  This included the equator and the northern and southern hemispheres.  Children were tasked with researching their given area and making an informative poster to help teach their peers. 
What is God?
As part of our Religious Education this half term, we are exploring what or who we think God is and how we recognise Him.
The children have been creating artwork in response to this idea and have been discussing their representations.
Our Documentaries
We talked about the amazing discoveries Cook made on his voyages.  People in Britain had never seen some of the animal species that he saw in Australia.  The children each wrote a report about a chosen Australian animal and performed it in front of the camera.  We have edited together snippets from their reports to create this documentary.
Maths Open Morning
The Adventurers opened their doors to the parents and welcomed them into a morning of mathematics.  It was an opportunity to see how mathematics is taught in school and looked build a shared understanding of the content, strategies and challenge we present in class.
We played some division games, found the ever elusive 'Mully' and even tackled some 'remainder' calculations.
We would like to thank all of those who were able to attend and we look forward to welcoming you all back again soon.