We can be heroes! - Autumn 2018

Welcome to all of our new Adventurers!  We aim to start with a Bang, Thwack and Kapow as we open our year with a Mini Adventure all about heroes.  As well as finding out a little about those who reside in the pages of comic books, we will be focusing on the special abilities and strengths that make each of us super and unique.  We shall also give thought to those heroes who help us in the community and consider our roles and responsibilities in school and in the wider world.

Please see the Mini Adventure map for further details about curriculum objectives for this term.

Hey You!
We have been learning to keep the pulse when listening to different pieces of music.  We loved moving to the hip hop music and then wrote and performed our very own raps.
RE through Dance
We have been telling the BIG story of the Bible through dance.  Each week we find out a little bit more about the big beliefs that Christians have and represent them through expressive movements - Ms Stewart would be proud!
Super-tasty Soup
As we have been reading the tales of Supertato, we found that these veg could be daring.  We found that they could be brave.  However, what we really wanted to find out was of they could be tasty!  We prepared our vegetables with peelers and chopped them into little pieces.  We enjoyed sitting and sharing our soup together.