Let's Celebrate - Autumn 2019

During this Mini Adventure, we are going to be finding out about celebrations from around the world, as well as preparing to celebrate Christmas.  We will also be thinking about celebrations such as birthdays and how these are often a milestone to show how much we've grown and changed.  We will be celebrating similarities and our differences we have with our peers as we rejoice in who we are as individuals so we can confidently say 'It's great to be me!'.
Week 2
This week, we have been researching using non-chronological reports.  However, some of our reports did not have subheadings so we read the information and decided on ones that would be suitable.
We started to experiment with search functions on JIT5 so that we could find images of Brazil and add them to a document.  We will soon be posting these on our blog.  Speaking of which, this week we also views the CEOP resources that told the story of why we should keep our personal information safe when go online.  Remembering our rules, we started to post comments on our friends' work.
Our play rehearsals are now in full swing and scripts have been sent out.  The children are working on remembering their lines and delivering them with gusto.
Week 1
This week, we opened up the atlases to use physical maps that helped us identify land and water.  We then used the index pages to find out more about Brazil, China and France and which continent they are in.
Can you remember the names of the seven continents?
We have been reading a shared text about a boy called Dennis, who is described as different.  We thought of lots of ways that he could be different but realised that these were just guesses.
Why was it nearly impossible to work out why Dennis was different?
In our RE, we have been continuing to think about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.  We shook lulav and etrog and talked about the symbolism of what we were holding and why Jewish people shake it the way they do.
Why do Jewish people shake the lulav and etrog in different directions?