Goodness, Gracious, Great Fire of London! - Autumn 2018

During this Mini Adventure, we are going to be taking a step back in time and using our historical skills to find out about the Great Fire of London.  As scientists, we will consider reasons that the fire spread so rapidly and brought such destruction to the city.  We will give consideration to our sources of information use technology to show how such an event would be documented in the modern day.
We will finish the Mini Adventure with the revelation of a little known fact: Samuel Pepys was a  Dragon Slayer!
What if Samuel Pepys used Youtube?
This week, the children used Morfo to produce short videos that brought Samuel Pepys into the digital age.
Samuel Pepys: Dragon Slayer?!
What if the history books got it wrong? What if the Great Fire of London was started by dragon fire?  We have begun constructing prototypes for our moving model dragons using levers, pivots and sliders.
Great Fire Bake Off!
Th children have been learning how to follow a simple salt-dough recipe and make treats to stock in Tom Farriner's bakery.