Home Learning 2020 April


Welcome to our latest news!

The Voyager children have been working so hard from home.

I have been absolutely delighted with the standard and amount of work that Voyagers’ have completed over the past few weeks.

Their dedication and resilience has shone through!

I am uploading work suggestions each day on School 360 with any resources that the children may need.

I am online each day from 8:50am to answer any questions the children may have.

For future reference here are the online resources we are using in Voyagers'.

If you have lost or forgotten your passwords for these resources then let me know and I will send them again. 

https://www.getepic.com/   Online Reading

https://www.purplemash.com/sch/felton  A huge selection of resources for children to complete independently and teacher To Do tasks.

https://ttrockstars.com/ Times table and Number Bots fluency 

https://nattalingo.co.uk/weekly-french-planning-for-children/ Daily French

Topic suggestions are at the bottom of the page for children to complete.

 A huge thank you to the children and their parents for their support and help.




We started off doing a variety of ‘writers features’ from our book The Great Kapoc Tree.

The children had to identify and use features such as Onomatopoeia, adjectives, adverbs and expanded noun phrases.

 The children then planned and wrote a story based in the rain forest. They used a wide variety of the ‘writers’ features’.

 The children have still been working hard on their handwriting skills and continuing to improve their presentation to ensure they don’t lose their skills.

We have had numerous Word of the Day challenges. The children have applied each word in context.

We have been using a variety of picture prompts to generate descriptions of settings and characters.

On Purple Mash the children have been using their ICT and English skills to describe ‘Monster Meals’. They all sounded absolutely disgusting!!

The children also had some lovely ideas to think about what they were thankful for in these difficult times.


Reading and Maths

The children have been listening to a book on EPIC which is called The Guinea Dog. It’s a lovely story about a boy who wants a dog but his mum gets him a guinea pig instead!

Some children have already read the second book of this character!

Have a look and see the wide variety of books that children have been reading.


The Voyager children have been applying a wide range of numeracy skills including; rounding, adding, times table practice, fractions and decimals.

On Rock Star Maths the children have been taking part in time challenges to improve their fluency skills.

On Number Bots the children are making their way through the different levels. This program is very similar to our Big Maths that we use in school. Everyone has to start on the Rust level and it progresses up to platinum!!


Outdoor Learning

The children have also been doing Wildlife Quizzes every 2 weeks. The first quiz was identifying poo!!

Last week there was a different selection of plants, animals and habitats.

This challenge was then given to the children to generate their own wildlife quizzes. I am still getting the children’s work on this and will upload them all.

Life Skills and Purple Mash Topic Work

We have had a couple of Zoom meetings which were really good and we talked about working towards a Life Skills badge.

The final list of these skills is yet to be finalised but the children have already started learning new skills!

We have had hoovering, dusting, cooking DIY skills; including painting and decorating, measuring and cutting wood!

The children will have to complete a determined amount of home/life skills to qualify for a life skill badge ( this will be awarded on return to school)