Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus

In our Mini Adventure, the children have read the Roman Myth about Romulus and Remus. The year 4 children made connections and spotted similarities between Greek and Roman myths. We 'caught' and highlighted new vocabulary and discussed the meanings. 

This lead back to our anti- bullying theme as the children explored the emotion of ‘jealousy’.  We discussed how this emotion could lead to further negative feelings . We looked at the origin of the saying 'The Green Eyed Monster' that was first written by William Shakespeare.

The children then looked at how this emotion lead to the death of Remus.

In History we learned that this myth was the inspiration and is said to be the reason of how Rome was given its name, using the founder Romulus.


Anti-bullying week

The children have been taking part in a variety of lessons themed on Anti-bullying.

We have discussed and shared our thoughts, to enable the children to recognise bullying and what to do if this is happening to themselves or a friend. The children generated a variety of ways that as a school 'change starts with us'. 

We talked about how to speak to each other in a kind way but that sometimes comments can hurt feelings, which may not have have been intended.

The children, planned, drafted and made a poster about making changes in school to show respect and kindness. This all fitted in nicely as our English topic is persuasive writing! The children had some super ideas and suggestions to help anyone who might feel upset in school, such as: 'passing a smile',  'showing kindness', 'giving a friend a hug', and 'including different people in their games'. You can see  the posters on our new kindness display board. 

As a class, we have decided to start a table points scheme to celebrate and highlight being kind.

Everyone in Voyager will be looking for random acts of kindness and if you are spotted doing this then you will get a point. The children are always kind to each other so this is a nice way to recognise and celebrate it!

On a Thursday the points will be added up and the winner will get to take home the table mascot until the following week. So, watch out for the cuddly coming your way!!

If you would like to see the resources we used in class and to speak with your child about this at home, please follow the link.

 States of Matter

In Science, we have started our topic of ‘States of Matter’.

The children have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. The children are now beginning to use and apply the key vocabulary used to describe the properties of these materials. 

The children had to plan and carry out a fair test to try and answer our question... Do gases weigh anything?

The children had some amazing ideas on how to do this! However we discovered that you could work this out after you had released the gas and used a digital scale.

We discussed and identified the 'variable' in our investigation. 

This half term, we have continued to work on our balancing skills, our rolling techniques and how to land safely.