The Pod part 2

Hello and welcome to The Pod! As you know we are all different ages and from different classes but we wanted to share with everyone, the things we have been doing while still in school.
Like everyone at home, we all concentrate on doing our own jobs set by our class teachers. When all our work is completed we always go outside.
We have been busy over the last 3 weeks! We have been taking care of the pond from winter time. We introduced sun bathing platforms for our resident creatures who live there!
We have also borrowed a picnic bench from EYFS and we are going to fix and paint it. We are starting our painting jobs next week.
Each day we check the pond for any problems and then identify a variety of different creatures.
We have been lucky enough to observe the tadpoles change/metamorphosis. We have been keen scientists observing this change and we found super examples of each stage of this amazing change yesterday. Please enjoy our pictures!
The children also wanted to make Tie Dye t-shirts so we have been busy doing that also.
We plan on doing some outdoor cooking and will show you our delicious offerings soon. 
A last update from the Key workers Pod!
What a busy few weeks we have had. The children continued to access their online learning every morning and then we all went outside. 
We have finished giving the pond area a refresh and it is now looking amazing. Our recent water survey showed that we have high quality water in the water. Perfect for wildlife to grow.
We have been revamping old bird houses and we finally finished the bench! 
Although school has certainly been different this last term. The children in our Pod have enjoyed being able to investigate our local habitats in our grounds and are now becoming experts at identifying key features/wild life in our garden.
A huge thank you to all the children and parents for putting up with a lot of muddy and paint covered clothes!
Have a great summer.