Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Autumn 2018

Our first mini adventure will be based on the classic tale “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, written by Jules Verne (1864).

We will be unpicking the text (like authors) and discovering the amazing ideas and inventions he had.  This will lead us to inventions that have changed our lives. We will also take a journey into the core of our planet, learning about the structure and formation of the Earth.

Our Journey

The Voyagers have been on a ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. We found and collected different types of stones from a walk around Felton Village. As geologists we have been studying and investigating their properties. We have been sorting them to permeable to impermeable and discussing the different types of rocks within the rock cycle.

Estimate and Measure

In Maths we have been using our skills and known facts to add and subtract.  We have also been outside to measure the circumference of trees and learning how to estimate the height of trees.