Food Glorious Food Autumn 2019


This term the children have been learning to improve how they write in a variety of ways. They have been learning how to use interesting adjectives, fronted adverbials and how to use paragraphs.

We have read stories linked to our topic to learn what life was like in the Stone Age. In our story The Stone Age boy, the children learned how the people in these times used tools to make clothes, weapons and food.

The children have edited a recipe to make Stone Age Stew. They were able to make step by step instructions and then made the stew, using locally found ingredients. It was a bit sour but we all enjoyed trying it.


This term the children have been using and applying their Place Value knowledge. They have been using a variety of maths resources to show their reasoning and answer questions.

The children have now moved onto more formal methods of calculation to which they are showing super stamina!

Harvest Festival

The children from Voyagers’ enjoyed learning and singing in our Harvest festival. It was great for parents to see how Open the Book is carried out each week in school. They have learning what Harvest looks like in different countries and created Acrostic poems with Mrs White.


This term the children have been learning about Cave Paintings. They have been investigating the different types of materials that the people in those times would have used. We then tried to create similar effects using chalk and charcoal to great effect and these are now on display on the cave entrance to our class.

We have also been learning how to create effects using water colours. The children have identified warm and cold colours when using the paints. After our visit to Wallington, we used a picture of a tree from the grounds as a starting point and the children created warm and cold colours to demonstrate their skills.


In science this term we have been using Fairy Tales- ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’ as a focus to ‘Work Scientifically’.

The children have been learning and revising how to plan and carry out a ‘Fair Test’. We have been using predictions, variables and results to show the outcomes. Using gingerbread, we decided to find out if the character from the Fairy Tale would have been able to cross the river safely? We used three types of liquids and made good observations. The children were particularly surprised that the Gingerbread Men didn’t dissolve in oil!

The children in year 4 had to build a house that would house the Three Little Wolves from The Big Bad Pig! They then tested their structures. (Using a very scary pig like hairdryer!) On reflection, they were more successful if their base was made using stronger resources.

The children also did a bubble investigation to see how using different solutions and techniques would have an impact on the durability of the bubble.

Food Glorious Food

As part of our topic, the children learned how people in Stone Age times were foragers. They used our school grounds to forage for food. They found lots of blackberries and apples. They then used their edited recipe to prepare and cook them for the ‘Stone Age Stew.’

For some children, this was the first time they had used a knife. They learned and revised how to peel, chop and grate.

The children also made gingerbread men and fruit loaf for the Harvest assembly!