Harvest Celebration!


September 2019

24th September 2019

Today, the children in Explorers and Adventurers teamed up with our amazing Open the Book volunteers to deliver a special Harvest message.  Explorers began with a song that reminds us of all the hard work that goes into growing the crops and food that we eat.  Open the Book then told us the parable of the Greedy Farmer - a man who had more than he would ever need and never stopped to think about sharing what he had.  To close, the children in Adventurers shared their thoughts on the story and the messages and morals we learnt from it.
The children had been busy baking and made flapjack and biscuits for the audience to enjoy.  We would like to thank all those who attended for the kind donations for these treats, which we will pass on to Wansbeck Valley Food Bank.