Dive In! Autumn 1 2021-2022

Our Mini Adventure is called ‘Dive In’. Please see the Mini Adventure sheet for this topic for all details, but as a brief overview we will be:

  • Diving down to discover the different layers of the ocean, discovering what marine life lives in each and how they are adapted to survive in such differing and diverse conditions

  • Discovering all about ocean currents: why they occur and the impact they have upon the planet as a whole.

  • Finding out about key explorers, such as James Cook, to discover where they voyaged, their motivations for undertaking such dangerous expeditions and the impact their explorations had.

  • Reading Treasure Island as our class novel - exploring the text in guided reading and charting the journey upon our world map.

  • Being inspired by the combined scientific and artistic skills of artists such as Ernst Haeckel and creating our own drawings and prints of marine animals.

  • Being awed and inspired by the scale, scope and wonder of our oceans!

'Getting to know you web' on our first day back!
Our first art lesson - we have made observational drawings of the marine animals we have researched this week: vampire squid, angler fish and hatchet fish. We gave our talking partners specific critiques in order to improve each new draft.