Plastic Fantastic? - Autumn 2018

This half-term we are going to begin our learning journey by diving into the depths of our oceans for our ‘Dive in!’ topic. We will be following several, shorter mini-adventures all linked to our oceans theme. Initially, we will be questioning our use of plastics in our ‘Plastic Fantastic?’ mini adventure  and then we will continue our learning in our ‘What’s down there?’ mini-adventure, where we will compare, contrast and classify the marine life of oceans around the world.

Plastic Fantastic Showcase

This afternoon, the Pioneers have hosted their ‘Plastic Fantastic?’ showcase. They were amazing at explaining their ideas and justifying why their concept was deserving of investment. We have amazing eco-warriors and mini entrepreneurs in Pioneers!

RE through Dance
We have been exploring the big picture of Christianity through dance.  We used dance to tell the story of Creation and the Fall of Adam and Eve.
Hauxley Beach Trip
Today we went to visit Hauxley beach where we conducted research on the pollution and began classifying the different plants and animal species that we found there.